Acoustic and visual comfort

myO is committed to design and manufacture high quality certified products
We live in a time full of opportunities and new ways of living our work.


Today, the diversity, safety, comfort and versatility of workplaces have become a real issue. The myO brand designs technical, decorative, easy-to-install and environmentally friendly products.

All sort of open spaces that require improved acoustic comfort, visual separation or the creation of new forms of space to provide an ideal working environment and move forward serenely.

Privacy certified

myO myO ensures solutions that enable you to meet in spaces with more privacy. There are imaginative and suitably-designed products to create a balance between communication and protection.
You will easily redefine the space. Delimit zones, organize space, create traffic aisles …

Confidentiality certified

myO ensures confidential discussions can take place, with solutions that allow for individual isolation or collaboration as a small group.

Meetings or phone calls, you benefit of a dedicated space impermeable to outside sounds for your comfort.

Environment friendly - Certified products
Environment friendly, our processes and those of our main suppliers are ISO 14001 certified.

All our products are selected for their environmental qualities: PEFC panel, OEKO-TEX and ECOLABEL EU coating fabrics; decor paper partly made with recycled products. The raw materials of our products are manufactured in Europe and assembled in our factory located in northern France.

A french brand in an international market

MyO is also available in many countries, with a network of selected  distributors who can provide acoustic studies as well as installing our solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your project. We will glad to propose you our solutions with our fully trained dealers to support you in your projects.

All documentation and brochures are also available in English, German and French.

For more information on our MyO Product range, contact our CEO Paul Maurer.
+43 1 934 6604